„A proactive and transparent approach leads to trust whilst simultaneously retaining control and the ability to act.“

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MRS Consulting

stands for


Methodical management consulting—

so your business can experience sustainable growth.

It is possible to control the development of your business strategies with focus on implementation in the organizational and process structures (effectiveness) as well as on cost savings (efficiency). Our direction here is aimed at sustainable business growth.
Together, we will uncover your company’s potential for improvement. I will support the implementation of any necessary measures—no matter whether these relate to increasing customer focus, leveraging synergies, or working on the identified weaknesses.


Responsible risk management—

so your company can exist in the market in the long term.

Risk management is the ongoing, systematic, and continuous identification, analysis, evaluation, and control of potential risks which could jeopardize your company’s assets, financial state, and profit situation in the medium and long term.
It is primarily focused on permanently safeguarding your company’s success, and on developing strategies and measures to minimize risks. Reduced complexity, for example, aided by standardization and increased transparency, and coupled with flexible structures, can establish your business in the market for the long term.


Sound tax advice—

so your company benefits from the best suitable tax solution.

In addition to the usual standard services, such as declarations and financial statements, it is extremely important for tax planning and tax structuring that all issues are considered in a general context. After all, economic benefits can be achieved only when all aspects of tax planning are taken into account—from major business decisions to all fiscal operations.
In almost all areas of consulting, tax and economic issues are so closely linked that an ideal tax solution without concurrent business advice is often inconceivable.

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Business consulting—

for you! With a personal touch.

I not only consider the business itself, but also—and especially—the individuals behind it to make sure I provide an all-round service. My focus is on corporate succession planning and implementation, on the one hand, and on a holistic view of succession, execution of wills, and administration of estates, on the other. Naturally, I’m also happy to assist you in all other tax matters:

  • Completion of private income tax returns
  • Voluntary self-disclosure
  • Assistance in negotiations with tax authorities
  • Support in talks with lenders


Mechanical engineering and construction
Industrial products

  • Bosch
  • Siemens
  • Kion
  • Airbus
  • Knorr Bremse

High tech

  • Infineon
  • Lantiq
  • Siemens
  • Bruker

Consumer and retail

  • Amway
  • Media Saturn
  • adidas group
  • Würth Group
  • Schwarz Gruppe

Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

  • The Linde Group
  • BASF
  • Bayer
  • Sandoz
  • Henkel


Weltkarte mit Referenzen

Results-driven— client- and issue-focused solutions that look ahead and deliver beyond the current task at hand, thus facilitating their successful implementation in the medium term

Team-focused— enough room for dialog, discussion, and communication to be able to identify the right results for the client

To the point— jointly defined starting points and goals that follow an agreed and pre-determined path/procedure, leading to a win-win situation for the client, the client’s staff, and the consultant

Michael Robert Schnetzer

My experience, including my proven strategic and analytical skills in evaluating and developing business processes, was gained primarily in the areas of finance, HR and IT, and in the interfaces to operational functions. As an experienced and valued partner at executive and senior management level, I draw on my network to support the development of business strategies with focus on implementation in the organizational and process structures (effectiveness) as well as on cost savings (efficiency). I have been helping companies work towards achieving sustainable business growth since 1988.

Michael Robert Schnetzer

My consulting activities both in Germany and abroad include M&A, post-merger integration, and restructuring projects. When developing organizations, I always stay focused on strategy, planning, and realization of process optimizations and IT implementations. I bring to the table broad sector-specific expertise—from mechanical and plant engineering to the semiconductor industry, and from trade and retail through to international conglomerates.

„Success can be managed!“

I look forward to hearing from you!
Sincerely, Michael Robert Schnetzer